How do they make powdered milk that I purchase from the supermarket? Is it as good for you as fresh milk skinny milk?

Powdered milk is made through a spray drying process, which removes the water from milk. The nutrients remain the same in powdered milk as fresh milk.

Last updated 30/04/2021

Powdered milk is one form of 'concentrated milk' which is made by removing moisture from milk.

Cows milk powder is made by removing the water from fresh cows milk through spray drying, reducing the moisture level to just 3%.

The nutrients remain the same after spray drying, however are much more concentrated in the powdered form. Powdered milk can be reconstituted to fresh milk with the addition of water- see back of pack for dilution quantities.

Powdered milk is a convenient, more shelf stable alternative to chilled milk and can be used across a range of applications.

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