World Milk Day

Cheers to helping celebrate on 1st June 2019


Congratulations to Anne C from WA!

She is will be receiving a year’s supply of milk so that she can #EnjoyDairy every day.

Communities around the world are being encouraged to celebrate World Milk Day, to highlight the importance of dairy to the global economy, farmer’s livelihoods and people’s health.

Everyone who loves dairy is being asked to show how much, by sharing their best milk moment on social media with a ‘cheers to milk’.

Whichever way that might be, such as drinking coffee, using milk as an ingredient in their favourite smoothie or meal, or just drinking it straight from the carton like celebrity chef Matt Moran!

Check out the video to see how food influencers and chefs such as Ash Pollard, Matt Moran, Khanh Ong and everyday Australians from a Victorian dairy farming community share their best milk moments.

So what do you cheers to?