2024 Champions

After tasting their way through 380 of Australia’s finest dairy products, judges of the prestigious Australian Grand Dairy Awards have announced the 2024 champions from across the nation.

Grand Champions

Grand Champion Cheese

Product: Berrys Creek Oak Blue

Producer: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

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Grand Champion Dairy Product

Product: Peanut Caramel Gelato

Producer: Milani Minus Eight Degrees

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Champion Fresh Unripened Cheese

Product: La Casa Del Formaggio Haloumi

Producer: La Casa Del Formaggio

Champion White Mould Cheese

Product: Coal River Farm Ashed Brie

Producer: Coal River Farm

Champion Semi Hard / Eye Cheese

Product: Heidi Farm Tilsit

Producer: Saputo Dairy Australia

Champion Cheedar Cheese

Product: Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar

Producer: TasFoods Limited

Champion Hard Cheese

Product: Floridia Pecorino Pepato

Producer: Floridia Cheese

Champion Blue Cheese

Product: Berrys Creek Oak Blue

Producer: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Champion Washed / Mixed Rind Cheese

Product: Woombye Blackall Gold

Producer: Woombye Cheese Company

Champion Flavoured Cheese

Product: Riverina Dairy Basil Infused Haloumi

Producer: Riverina Dairy Co. 

Champion Goat's /Sheep's/ Buffalo Milk Cheese

Product: Berrys Creek Riverine Blue

Producer: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese


Champion Natural Yoghurt

Product: Mundella Greek Natural Yoghurt

Producer: Mundella Foods

Champion Flavoured Yoghurt

Product: Mundella Greek Honey Yoghurt

Producer: Mundella Foods

Ice Cream and Dairy Gelato

Champion Ice Cream

Product: Lindt 70% Chocolate Ice Cream

Producer: The Standard Market Company

Champion Dairy Gelato

Product: Peanut Caramel Gelato

Producer: Milani Minus Eight Degrees

Cream and Butter

Champion Cream

Product: Bulla Crème Fraîche

Producer: Bulla Dairy Foods

Champion Butter, Flavoured Butter or Butter Blend

Product: Duck River Premium Butter Tasmania

Producer: Fonterra Brands Australia

Milk and Dairy Drinks

Champion Milk

Product: Farmhouse Gold Unhomogenised Milk

Producer: Lactalis Australia - Harvey Fresh

Champion Modified Milk

Product: Norco Lactose Free Full Cream Milk

Producer: Norco Foods

Champion Flavoured Dairy Drink

Product: Sharma's Kitchen Milk Badam

Producer: Sharma's Kitchen

2024 Finalists

Proving that quality dairy products come from all corners of the country, our 2024 finalists represented each Australian state with 35 producers of cheese, ice-cream, milk, yoghurts, butter, gelatos and more shortlisted as finalists.

Fresh Unripened Cheese


Product: Paris Creek Farms Bio - Dynamic Full Cream Quark

Producer: Paris Creek Farms Organic Dairy


Product: La Casa Del Formaggio Mascarpone

Producer: La Casa Del Formaggio


Product: La Casa Del Formaggio Haloumi

Producer: La Casa Del Formaggio

White Mould Cheese


Product: Coal River Farm Ashed Brie

Producer: Coal River Farm 


Product: Hunter Belle Ash Briebelle

Producer: Hunter Belle Dairy Co


Product: President Camembert 1kg

Producer: Lactalis Australia

Semi-Hard / Eye Cheese


Product: Mont Priscilla

Producer: Section28 Artisan Cheeses


Product: Heidi Farm Tilsit

Producer: Saputo Dairy Australia


Product: Churchill Rd Raclette

Producer: Dellendale Creamery

Cheddar Cheese


Product: Bega Farmers Tasty

Producer: Bega Cheese


Product: Pyengana Dairy Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar

Producer: TasFoods Limited


Product: Farmer's Tribute Vintage Cheddar

Producer: Beston Global Food Company

Hard Cheese


Product: Floridia Pecorino Pepato

Producer: Floridia Cheese


Product: Floridia Pecorino Red Chilli

Producer: Floridia Cheese


Product: Bella Pepato

Producer: Real Dairy Australia

Blue Cheese


Product: King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue

Producer: Saputo Dairy Australia


Product: Relatively Wicked Blue

Producer: The Wicked Cheese Co.


Product: Oak Blue

Producer: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Flavoured Cheese


Product: Riverina Dairy Basil Haloumi

Producer: Riverina Dairy Co.


Product: King Island Dairy Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar

Producer: Saputo Dairy Australia


Product: Kris Lloyd Artisan Persian Feta Cow

Producer: Woodside Cheese Wrights

Goat's/Sheep's/Buffalo Milk Cheese


Product: Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese - Fresh Dill

Producer: Meredith Dairy


Product: Riverine Blue

Producer: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese


Product: That's Amore Cheese Buffalo Bocconcini

Producer: That's Amore Cheese

Natural Yoghurt


Product: Sahara Greek Krema Pot Set Natural Yoghurt

Producer: Picnic Dairy Foods


Product: Mundella Greek Natural Yoghurt

Producer: Mundella Foods


Product: Mundella Premium Natural Yoghurt

Producer: Mundella Foods

Flavoured Yoghurt


Product: Mundella Greek Honey Yoghurt

Producer: Mundella Foods


Product: George's Authentic Greek Passion Yoghurt

Producer: The Natural Yoghurt Company


Product: George's Authentic Greek Ginger Yoghurt

Producer: The Natural Yoghurt Company

Ice Cream


Product: Lindt 70% Chocolate Ice cream

Producer: The Standard Market Company


Product: Lindt 78% Chocolate Ice cream

Producer: The Standard Market Company


Product: Affogato Coffee Ice cream

Producer: The Standard Market Company

Dairy Gelato


Product: Mandorla Arancio Gelato

Producer: Gelateria Gondola Pty Ltd


Product: Peanut Caramel Gelato

Producer: Milani Minus Eight Degrees


Product: Italian Espresso Gelato

Producer: Milani Minus Eight Degrees



Product: Mungalli Full Cream Organic Milk

Producer: Mungalli Creek Dairy


Product: The Little Big Dairy Co Non-Homogenised Full Cream Milk

Producer: The Little Big Dairy Co.


Product: Farmhouse Gold Cream on Top Unhomogenised Milk

Producer: Lactalis Australia - Harvey Fresh

Modified Milk


Product: Norco Lactose Free Full Cream Milk

Producer: Norco Foods


Product: Pauls Zymil Lactose Free Full Cream Milk

Producer: Lactalis Australia


Product: Tilba Dairy Low Fat Milk

Producer: Tilba Real Dairy

Flavoured Milk


Product: Dare Double Espresso No Sugar Added 750 ml

Producer: Bega Dairy and Drinks


Product: Sharma's Kitchen Milk Badam

Producer: Sharma's Kitchen


Product: Norco REAL Iced Chocolate Ultimate

Producer: Norco Co-Operative Limited



Product: Bulla Crème Fraîche

Producer: Bulla Dairy Foods


Product: Meander Valley Dairy Double Cream

Producer: TasFoods Limited


Product: Bannister Downs Double Cream

Producer: Bannister Downs Dairy

Butter. Flavoured Butter or Butter Blend


Product: True Organic Salted Butter 250g

Producer: Remarkable Milk Company


Product: Duck River Tasmania Premium Butter

Producer: Fonterra Brands Australia


Product: Western Star Original Butter

Producer: Fonterra Brands Australia