land management

Land management

We commit to managing land responsibly

We've set goals and targets in the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework around improving land management through protecting water ways; implementing nutrient, soil, plant and animal biodiversity action plans; and committing to net zero deforestation.

 These initiatives are driving change in nutrient and land management.


Case studies

There are great examples across the dairy industry demonstrating our environmental stewardship and deep respect for the land.

Tree planting
Hear from farmers who are proactively planting trees and the many benefits this brings to the land and animals.

Creek rehabilitation was the focus of this project on a South Australian dairy farm which brought back life and biodiversity to the site.

Effluent management
Dairy effluent (liquid waste) can be a valuable resource for farmers and an important opportunity to reduce fertiliser usage on-farm. By reintroducing effluent back into the soil, farmers are able to provide a natural fertiliser for the pasture.

Regenerative practices
Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to land management that keeps water in the landscape, improve soil health, stores carbon and increases biodiversity. Discover how it's being implemented on the Doolan farms. 



Fert$mart program

Nitrous oxide from fertilisers is a powerful greenhouse gas. To help farmers use nitrogen fertilisers more efficiently, Dairy Australia  established the ‘Fert$mart’ program that aids farmers in developing a strategic, accurate plan for fertiliser use and soil management.


Sustainability across the Australian dairy industry

Read the latest Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Report to see how we're making progress against all our goals and targets.