Farmer dad and son with cows feeding

Hunger Hub

Our greatest challenge worldwide

Hunger and food insecurity is still the greatest ongoing challenge we face globally.  

In 2020, one in three people couldn't access adequate food. The UN found that people affected by hunger increased in 2020 under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 2.37 billion people – or an increase of almost 320 million people going hungry or eating poorly worldwide.

Even in wealthy countries like Australia, food insecurity is a real issue – with up to 13% of the population unable to access sufficient, nutritious food in 2020 alone. 

Dairy to the rescue

Financial hardship, low nutritional literacy and limited access to affordable healthy options are some of the biggest causes of hunger and food insecurity.  

This is where dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt can help as an affordable source of quality nutrition. 

Through supporting prosperity in local communities, improving access to nutritious food, and applying sustainable farming practices, Australian dairy is committed to addressing world hunger and improving food security in Australia into the future.  

Find out how dairy can address world hunger and improve food security below.