Healthy planet

Protecting the planet matters to all of us.

Through the dairy industry’s Sustainability Framework, Australian dairy has clear targets and programs to protect natural resources and reduce waste and emissions. We can also minimise the environmental impact of our diet by buying local products where possible and consuming less junk foods and more nutrient dense foods.

Check out the resources below.

Scientific paper
This scientific paper found that milk, cheese and yoghurt have an important role in achieving adequate nutrient intakes in the Australian population as part of healthy, lower greenhouse gas emission dietary patterns.
Download the scientific paper.

Climate commitment
Read Dairy Australia’s Climate Change Strategy 2020-2025 including priorities and actions for the next five years.
Download the document.

Sustainability report
Discover how Australian dairy is tracking against 2030 sustainability goals and targets and hear from dairy heroes making changes for the future.
Download the report.

'Reducing the environmental impact of your diet' article
Australia's overconsumption of discretionary (or junk) foods is not good for the planet, and is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Read CSIRO’s article on reducing the environmental impact of your diet.
Access the article.

'How energy efficient is your food?' video
Watch every day Aussies assess the climate impact of common foods. The results will surprise you.