Glass of milk, yogurt with red berries and a slice of cheese

Healthy diets

Nutritionally, dairy is recommended as part of a healthy diet in dietary guidelines across the globe.

Milk, cheese and yoghurt contain a unique mix of essential nutrients within a complex structure that benefits bones and muscles and contributes to a reduced risk of many chronic diseases. Being delicious is just an added bonus!

Check out the resources below.

Sustainable Food Index
Dairy Australia co-funded research with the CSIRO to find out how cow’s milk compares in nutrients, cost and environmental impact compared to plant-based beverages.
Download the paper.

Dairy matrix white paper
Learn about the latest nutritional science and the whole health benefits of dairy.
Download the white paper.

Sustainable diets position paper
Explore the existing evidence laid out in this position paper to better understand dairy’s place in a healthy, sustainable eating pattern.
Download the position paper.

Sustainable healthy diets guiding principles
Read the guidelines from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) that take a holistic approach to what constitutes sustainable healthy diets for all.
Access the website.

'Dietary guidelines and sustainability' article
Read how the FAO suggests we can move towards a more sustainable diet and food system.
Access the article.

Australian dietary guidelines
Learn more about dairy’s role in the diet as one of the five food groups recommended every day for good health and wellbeing in the current Australian dietary guidelines..
View the guidelines online.