Healthy Sustainable Diets

We all know what it means to eat healthily. But what about eating sustainably?

Sustainable diets take into account the long-term impacts of the foods we choose to eat and produce. They take into account our health, the health of communities, and the health of the planet. Not only does dairy play an important role nutritionally in our diets, but as part of a wider sustainable food system.

Check out the below resources on sustainable diets.

Dairy’s role in a healthy, sustainable diet
Sustainable diets are a relatively new area of research, but the evidence base is growing exponentially. Stay up to date with the evidence and explore how dairy contributes to a healthy and sustainable eating pattern.
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Sustainability report 2020
Learn more about the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework and how we are tracking towards our dairy promise to provide nutritious food for a healthier world.
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Dr Joanna McMillan on Sustainable Diets and Dairy
See Dr Joanna’s blog post where she shares her experience hosting the recent Dairy Industry Sustainability Consultative forum and shares how dairy is taking action towards a sustainable future.
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Sustainable healthy diets guiding principles
Read the guidelines from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) that take a holistic approach to what constitutes sustainable healthy diets for all.
Download the guiding principles.

Sustainable Diets Articles

Dr Joanna McMillan on what sustainable eating looks like in 2021 - The Guardian

Food for thought: it’s time to challenge what we believe about sustainable eating - The Guardian

We've also put together some useful resources aligned to the key components of a healthy, sustainable diet. Click on the tiles below to check them out.