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Farmers and communities

We are committed to creating a vibrant industry that rewards dairy workers and families, related communities, business and investors.

The dairy industry contributes $13.7 billion to the Australian economy and employs 42,000 people on dairy farms and in manufacturing.

To provide people with rewarding livelihoods, we believe the industry needs to be profitable to maintain this contribution in the long term.

However, volatile markets, rising input costs, modest productivity gains and a changing climate have combined to make dairy farming challenging for many producers at various times.


Our goals

To ensure we give the industry and its workers, the best possible future, we are committed to achieving the following goals by 2030:

In order to do this, here are some of the activities we're engaging in:

Resources - Developing tools for dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time to identify ways to improve (e.g. DairyBase).

Compliance - Increasing the number of dairy farm inspections in a bid to improve farm safety.

Communities - Celebrating the contribution of dairy farmers and the dairy industry to local communities (e.g. Legendairy Capital Program).

Livelihoods - Creating career pathways for dairy people.

Innovation - Driving research and development on farm to achieve increased pasture production and utilisation, increased supplementary feeding and more efficient cows, increased economies of scale, improved animal health and natural resource management. New technologies in manufacturing are also being explored to create new products and ingredients.

For more information on how the industry is supporting dairy workers, check out the latest Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Report.