Cows grazing in paddock


Our mission is to meet the challenge of climate change and provide good stewardship of our natural resources

Dairy farmers are environmental caretakers. They’re committed to managing land and water responsibly, reducing waste and greenhouse gases and protecting Australia’s natural resources for future generations.


30 ways Australian dairy is tackling climate change

With climate change comes increasing heatwaves, storms and drought which will affect our animals and milk production, as well as limit pasture growth and place increasing pressure on already stressed water resources.

As a result, dairy farmers and processors across the country are adapting their practices to take action on climate change. 

Read about the 30 ways Australian dairy is meeting the challenge of climate change and reducing environmental impact, ensuring a more sustainable industry into the future.


Our goals

To ensure we tackle climate change head on and are part of the solution, we have identified four key goals for 2030:

  • Improve land management
  • Increase water use efficiency
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity
  • Reduce waste

Head to our Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework website to learn more about each of theses goals.

For more information on how the industry is working towards more sustainable practices, view the latest Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Report.