enhancing livelihoods

Enhancing livelihoods

We commit to creating a vibrant industry that rewards dairy workers and their families, communities, business and investors.

Profitability of farm businesses is core to the success of the Australian dairy industry, enabling it to contribute strongly to rural and regional economies, for both employment and as an earner of export income.

Our goals

To ensure we give our industry and its workers the best possible future, we are committed through the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework to achieving the following goals by 2030:

  • Increase the competitiveness and profitability of the Australian dairy industry (Framework Goal 1)
  • Increase the resilience and prosperity of dairy communities (Framework Goal 2)
  • Provide a safe work environment for all dairy workers (Framework Goal 3)
  • Provide a productive and rewarding work environment for all dairy workers (Framework Goal 4)

Read the latest Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Report to see how we're making progress against all our goals and targets.