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Healthy Ageing with Dairy

The Healthy Ageing with Dairy Hub

The Healthy Ageing with Dairy Hub will bring you the latest research and resources, relevant to your industry on the benefits of dairy consumption for older adults in residential aged care. If you're a member of the community, a health care professional, a catering company, or an aged care provider, get access to resources and information relevant to you via the tiles below.

A landmark study by the University of Melbourne has shown that increasing dairy intake can significantly reduce the rates of falls and fractures, including a 46% reduction in hip fractures. 

The simple intervention of providing an increase in dairy foods, such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt, was a safe, effective, and accessible solution that also resulted in improved calcium and protein levels. This hub offers practical ways to increase dairy intake and highlights the potential to deliver striking benefits for aged care providers, Australia's health system, and the broader community.

Find out more with our resources below.

The Research

Where it all began - find out more about the original research by visiting our Fractures Trial page.

Keen to know more? Download the frequently asked questions on the 'Fractures trial' or watch dietitian Joel Feren lead a discussion with AOM and aged care advocate Maggie Beer, Professor Robin Daly and lead investigator Dr Sandra Iuliano on the fractures trial.


A new health economics analysis shows a massive saving of $66 million a year with an increase of dairy serves in aged care. Access the paper here.

For the Community

Dairy is not only proven to optimise bone health, it's also delicious. Looking for practical advice on getting more dairy in your diet? Look no further.

In collaboration with dietitian Louise Murray who specialises in older adult nutrition, we’ve developed a one-stop-shop guide for getting more dairy serves in, including dietitian approved dairy rich recipes. Access the guidebook here.

Maggie Beer shares her top tips for getting more milk, cheese and yoghurt in your diet.

Keen to try some new dairy rich recipes? Designed, tested and approved by Maggie Beer herself, these curated recipes are sure to be a hit!

For Aged Care Providers and Catering Companies

If you’re in charge of the menu at your aged care facility, you’re in luck. We have a wealth of resources to help you overhaul your menu and get your residents enjoying more dairy every day. 

Our aged care guidebook gives practical advice on how you can increase your dairy serves in your menu. Access the guidebook here.  

Ready to be a dairy hero? See how others did it in this case study, which includes a checklist and roadmap to four serves of dairy a day.  

Looking to get stuck into incorporating more dairy in your aged care menu? Download the seven day menu planner.  

Free recipe cards? Yes please! Access our dairy rich recipes - which are optimised for 10, 50 or 100 serves and include options for texture modification.    


If you’re looking for a quick rundown of dairy’s role in aged care and older adult nutrition, our fact sheets provide all the information you’ll need.  

Download our factsheet for older adults living in aged care.  

Download our factsheet for chefs and catering companies.  

Download our factsheet for aged care providers.