What is quark?

Quark is a soft, fresh (un-aged) cheese.

Last updated 30/04/2021

Quark is a soft, fresh (un-aged) cheese; it has a similar smooth texture to sour cream. It is made using a blend of cheese and yoghurt cultures which ferment in warm milk until the curds set. The whey (liquid) is then strained off.

Quark is made using a process similar to cottage cheese, however quark is smooth in texture as a result of constant stirring.

Quark typically has a low fat content and is high in protein and calcium. Quark is also very versatile to cook with and can be used in sweet or savoury dishes, commonly as a substitute for sour cream in cheesecakes, dips and sauces.

With the rising popularity of Quark, Australia has introduced into the market a few brands of Quark yoghurts (check back-of-pack labelling for country of origin). These products are made using a unique cold filtration process over a longer time to produce a mild-tasting, more savoury tasting quark-yoghurt hybrid product.

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