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There are hundreds of Australian cheeses to be found at your local farmer’s market, specialty cheese retailer or suburban supermarket. Look out for the ‘Australian Made/Product of Australia’ logo or ask your local deli owner/cheesemonger for Australian varieties of the cheese you are looking for e.g. parmesan, cheddar, blue cheese, brie washed rind, semi-hard/eye cheese and hard cheese.

We also have some great online platforms delivering the best of Australia’s cheese right to your doorstep:

MOULD Cheese Collective (National)

Cheese Therapy (National)

Cornelius Cheese (National)

RIPE Cheese (Melb only)

Harper and Blohm (Melb only)

14 days of cheese (Melb only)

Smelly Cheese Shop (Adelaide)

Artisan Cheese Room (Sydney)

The Cheeseboard (QLD)

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