Community gathering in a regional area

Healthy communities

Dairy is the backbone of many regional communities.

Close to 30,000 Australians are directly employed in the dairy sector, supporting regional economies, where one in four Australians live. A vibrant and profitable dairy industry helps keep our communities healthy through farm businesses, supporting businesses and dairy processors located in rural areas and by continuing to offer affordable and accessible sources of nutrition for many people.

Check out the resources below.

Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework
Discover the goals and targets set by Australian dairy to create a vibrant industry with positive economic and social impacts.
Visit the website.

Sustainability report
Discover how Australian dairy is tracking against 2030 sustainability goals and targets and hear from dairy heroes making changes for the future.
Download the report.

Sustainable diets white paper
Explore the existing evidence laid out in this white paper to better understand dairy’s role in providing affordable and accessible high-quality nutrition as well as being a source of income for many.
Download the white paper.

Dairy contribution to social sustainability fact sheet
Read how the European dairy sector is continuously working on improving its long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability.
View fact sheet online. 

'The 9 Paradoxes of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy' video
The European livestock sector presents "The 9 paradoxes of Farm to Fork" and sheds light on the current sustainability challenge including social, cultural and economic aspects.