How do I know if the dairy products I’m buying are supporting Aussie farmers?

When buying dairy products, it’s important to buy Australian to support the Aussie dairy farmers and communities that make it. It’s good to know that most milk sold in Australia is sourced right here from dairy farms in Australia. 

Last updated 17/01/2024

Rules around country of origin labelling have been introduced by Australian regulators to help people identify what proportion, by weight, of a food’s ingredients are produced in Australia.

Mandatory bar charts on most product packaging must show the proportion of Australian ingredients contained in a product (see Australian Grown logo and bar chart example below). 


The main ingredient in dairy foods like yoghurt, cheese, custard, cream and butter is milk, therefore the bar chart is largely an indicator of where the milk in the dairy product comes from. Ice cream is the only product where country of origin labelling is not mandatory, it is voluntary, so you may need to contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure. 

We encourage you to check the labels of all dairy products to ensure that what you buy is made from milk produced in Australia.


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